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how strong durable sex

ML is making love or sexual needs of all human beings, normal Humans certainly have the desire to make love, but there are many lovers husband and wife who complain and do not have a mod to make love because the men suffer from premature ejaculation.

How Long Lasting Sex Without Drugs?

What is the best solution to overcome premature ejaculation? how to quickly overcome premature ejaculation? how durable sex without drugs Obat Kuat? really easy, all let's discuss one by one.

On this occasion + Fitri Nur Annisa Want to discuss about How To Lasting Love Without Drugs? that might be useful for all bloggers.
These are tips to make love durable without drugs:
1. Use a condom every time having sex or ML
Contraception this one powerful enough to help get long endurance during sex with a partner. Use a condom that has benzocaine liquid that can dull (desensitizing) sense when having sex. But do not use a condom is reversed yes, your partner might feel invulnerable and hard to orgasm.

2. Use the tapping technique
When you have reached peak condition and was about to "out" immediately press the head of the penis bottom, because in these areas there is a urethral channel that sends a signal ejaculation so that it can resist the urge to ejaculate. Try to practice using these techniques to help you Obat Peninggi Badan prolong the climax.

3. Use the start-stop technique
Try to make yourself andabergairah, and when it has reached its peak immediately stop for a while (5-10 seconds) until the passion within yourself decreased. Practice this technique over and over again until you feel able to master it and be ready for the climax.

4. Try not to focus too
When you do a presentation with your woman, so make sure you are not too focused and try to imagine the other things, do not focus on what you do today.

5. Try several styles of different sex
It would be better if you and your partner try sexual style different. In addition to making more memorable it can also add your pasanagn mod.

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